Flamboyant artist and entrepreneur, Jarrett Mitchell, one of the greatest thinkers of our time, is now featured at streetlifemagazine.org

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Most respectable magazines and journals reserve their backpage for the creme de la creme of their content. Just think about reading Mad Magazine when you were a kid, or even just the other day. I'll bet you can picture Al Jaffee's fold-in artwork back there, can't you? From the New Yorker to Playboy to Vice Magazine to Yeti's CD comp descriptions, the backpage is where it's at. In the case of STREET LIFE ISSUE ONE, the backpage is the perfect place for Jarrett Mitchell's illustration of University of Iowa's Hawkeye mascot 'Herky' weeping over Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta's 'Incantation to Olokun-Yemayá.' Mendieta earned her BA, MA and BFA at the University of Iowa and led an uncomprimisingly creative life until her mysterious death in New York City in 1985, when she fell out of the bedroom window of her 34th floor apartment. Research on Mendieta and her work is very rewarding and enlightening.

Mitchell, posing with his DRUM BUDDY pin and Casio organ, during rehearsals for his summer circus performace, July 2011.

Mitchell, in addition to being a prolific visual artist, also has a lengthy list of performance work and conceptual (and not-so-conceptual, just letting shit fly) art under his pigtails. He is the proprieter of Wake Up City at 112 South Linn Street here in Iowa City, which has the best and strongest coffee in the midwest. He also ran for city council last fall on a sustainablity, urban farming & chickens and common sense ticket. His past projects include 'Yoga and Cigarettes,' which addressed the absurd duality of destroying your body/mind and then repairing your body/mind constantly. He also filmed various videos for "Don't Blow Up the Moon' with Jenny Hoyston (Paradise Island, Weed Wolf, Erase Errata), boycotting the US government dropping a bomb of the friggin moon for chrissakes. His videos, including his TV Party inspired THE WHETHER REPORT variety show and WHO WANTS TO GAMBLE SOME MONEY gameshow, are available on youtube at The Shadow of the Wire. He also organized the Keep the Fuzz Off My Buzz/Let's Be Active social movement and tour in 2004 with Will Whitmore, ft(the Shadow Government), Jenny Hoyston and others.


Be sure to check out Jarrett Mitchell in his own words at http://www.jarrettmitchell.org/.

The grand finale of Jarrett Mitchell's summer circus featuring Luther Bangert, Brooks Strause, the 1911 Ragtime Band and the Whether Report with We Shave.

The event, organized and hosted by Mitchell, was headlined by Bangert, who had just gotten back from India where he apprenticed with the Royal Bombay Circus. During the circus he went for the world record for juggling SIX balls while swallowing a two-foot long sword. 

Street Life is TOTALLY PSYCHED to welcome the artwork of New Orleans' John Henry Kelly (Static Static, Detonations, etc.) in our first issue.

Pencil Drawings from the AZ State Prison at Douglas

. . . Along with a letterpressed cover by Josh Doster, an interview with Shawn Cripps from the Limes, non-fiction from Luke Tweedy and MUCH MORE. Edition of 113.

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Yes we've got guns, dogs, motorcycles, vice, poverty, corn and whatever else we want in Iowa, it's called LIVING FREE.